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Void Denizen Music Videos & folklore






Known to some as "Leprekanye West" or "Craw-daddy", the necromantic, rhyme-riddling, tongue-twsited bard of the bardo Voight Denisson is the driving force behind the audio/visual exploration known as Void Denizen

"And in that slick mercurial vanguard stands Michaelangelo, a.k.a. Void Denizen, whose creativity is too extensive for a single set of senses, bigger even still than living, who has made it his priority to take “the medium’s the message” literally, and make his next project listen to and speak beyond the grave.  Explore his rich and humorous terrain, of pulling ancient esoteric practices and paradigms together in surprising new configurations, and you’ll be rewarded better than a tomb-raider." -Michael Garfield, Check out his full write-up in Reality Sandwich here.

Below you'll find an exhibition of information, dispensed as part of a kickstarter campaign, that breathes more life into the project and deeper meaning into the lyrical content of the track Petrified

Exhibit A: 

to be a Void Denizen means to be an inhabitant of the emptiness, but could also mean that your occupancy is invalid. The ego is a void denizen--a metaphysical squatter taking illegal residence in the soul.

Even my alter egos have alter egos.

Still Frame from "Shrimpimp", click the image to transport yourself to this debut music video.

Exhibit B:

 Exhibit C: 

"Bruce Lee played pingpong with nunchucks.
I put a leash on my pet rocks."

See, I'm not making this stuff up.

Exhibit D:

"The rocks are sexual deities
Stone-faced royalty entwined
don't be petrified"

"Desert Life", painted by Mark Henson.

Exhibit E:

"The Kelts had a thing called the InterKnot, 
it tied all things together like connect-the-dots"

These lyrics refer to the "Keltic Knot" also known as the "endless knot" because it has no beginning and no end, symbolizing the endless and connected nature of existence. I chose this image of a keltic knot made of serpents because it draws a connection to medusa, whose gaze could *petrify* a man. 
The image is called "Slangen" and was created by my favorite MC, M.C. Escher. You have to admit, McEscher sounds like another Netherlander posing as a Highlander.

Exhibit F:

"and stonehenge was the router 
but we all forgot 
how to dial up to the stars and the dead below
because the modem was too old and the connect too slow"

The actual function of stonehenge is still being speculated upon. It is thought to have been an ancient burial ground, and also to have had a celestial observatory function. Void Denizen, in his search for the philosopher's stone, implies the monument was an ancient dial-up system used to connect to the InterKnot--the keltic dreamtime--in order to communicate with forces ancestral and unearthly.

This is a prototype for the "InterKnot" scene in the "Pet(ter)rified" music video that I'm trying to realize through this fundraiser.
The dot on the i will be spinning--levitating. Void Denizen will be standing on his very own Stonehenge.

Wouldn't you want to see Void get off of his throne and onto this stone? 

 Exhibit G:

"Yes that's right
this labradorite
has trapped the northern lights

According to inuit lore the northern lights were trapped within a labradorite until a warrior cracked the stone and released the aurora borealis into the sky.

Exhibit H:


"Talking to the dead is easy. Getting them to talk back is the hard part" -Voight Denisson


This whole idea of Void Denizen communicating with The Other Side through a boombox is based in EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, wherein one summons one's disincarnate liaisons residing on The Other Side--whether this is your grandmother or the ghost of John Lennon--and directs one's questions towards them. (N.B.: John Lennon is easier to reach through a radio). At the same time one records the static white noise of a radio tuned between stations, and leaves spaces for answers to resound. The underlying rationale is that if you don't have a body, you don't have vocal chords--this is where the chaotic substance of white noise comes into play, as a sort of sonic sandbox for The Other Siders to arrange and magnetize into order.

Upon playback of the recorded material one might become aware of the signal in the noise, making shapes of static that sound like voiced words.

Of course skeptics will say that you hear what you want to hear--that these "colors conjured from white noise" are not the voices of the dead, but mere pigmented figments of the imagination. In either case, it is a way to engage The Other Side ( = The Unconscious) and a testament that when we shed this form, we (at least memories of us) vividly live in on in and may be revived by The Imagination.

Exhibit I

If you stare into the static of a television set long enough you start seeing all sorts of writhing patterns, organized and orderly, stirring in the great beyond--color conjured from the white noise. Remember the movie Poltergeist's use of this image as a gateway to the other side? Now picture a frozen frame of that TV static. Doesn't it resemble a tile of concrete on the pavement? Stainspotting is like the visual equivalent of EVP, wherein the sidewalk becomes like a psychic teleprompter and forms are conjured, drawn to and on the surface--transcending the limitations of the material plane. Is it a concidence that a chalk outline once signified where the dead had fallen, whereas now it signifies where The Imagination arises?

Where the sidewalk ends, The Other Side begins.

Just like Void's boombox is used for EVP, so Stainspotting reappropriates "street art", another concept that is associated with hip-hop culture, towards its own ends.

still frame from "shrimpimp".