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My records are all lyrically-driven, high concept, cinematically epic story-sagas that require a particular kind of attention and immersion to be fully appreciated. Great for headphones or roadtrips. Below you'll find the album covers, artwork, story descriptions, and links to lyrics.

Void Denizen's Séance Fiction (2016)

This record is a genre-fluid synthesis of lyrically-driven story-songs, loaded with wit, whimsy, and wisdom. It's an alchemical comedy of cosmic proportions, an enigmaniacally mystical see-saw of seen and unseen, of gravity and levity. This is where Stoned Ape Theory meets Stone Tape Theory. There are raps and rhapsodies; a simian space-opera, and an astro-gospel. There's a rock song about rocks, and a sea-shanty about sirens (who sing the ultimate rock-song). Rise up with the "sea-monkey-dew", shed your skin and reach for the stars! Disguise the limit!

Reframing our perceptions of death, spirit, matter, and technology, the songs in this collection are a kind of slave-songs--let's call them "necro spirituals"--that strive to uplift and liberate the captive listener from the bondage of death's dreary promise by clanging its conventional shackles in a musical manner and making light of the dark arts. 

Loosely threaded throughout is the tale of a necromancer in search of a "rock technology" through which he'll be able to transcend space and time and communicate with the dead, which might be synonymous to interfacing with The Unconscious. There's even a tutorial called "Necromancy 101". Click here for more Void Denizen folklore.




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TheaTerRa's MakeBelief (2012)

MakeBelief conditions an ambiance of insight through a series of whimsical, mythopoetic storytunes. 



It all begins with a regal invocation and procalamtion that starts the album off in "Internity":

Give us language to express

the timing of the endlessness

Give us language to impress

our forms upon the emptiness

As interns of eternity

in turn we shall eternal be

Or take for example track 2, "Plant Teacher", wherein a disciple attains awareness of his own mortality through an encounter with a fly, while sitting at his teacher's lotus feet. distracted by scents of humor and the spectacle of the spiritual, he denounces his guru and begins his own journey.

Or have a look at track 3, "Buried in the Sand", which is a manic parable about overcoming the maniacal ego, our inner pharao, and opening up to our current channels to familiarize ourselves with their unique language and the message we impart to-ourselves-through-ourselves.

For a rough "sketchbook" of songs by TheaTerRa, check out:

For live recordings, sketches, and never released song such as "Consciousmess", visit SOUNDCLOUD:


Morph Dwarf's The PsychoNautilus Unfurls (2011)

The PsychoNautilus Unfurls composes its story through impressionistic lyricism and astral-orchestral psychedelic rock that shape-shifts through a myriad of styles and genres. Like a frameless film, it tells the story of the light from a distant star taking human form, awakened in the garden of the psyche as the first psychonaut, and the challenges it faces in holding fast to the memory of its celestial origins, while coping with its purpose on earth in the face of change.



In chapter 1, "Traveling Light", a star is forged from spacetime's rippling rainbow grid. It sends forth light that travels dreamily through the corridors of space. As it touches onto and enlivens dead matter along the way, it becomes aware of its own existence and the sense that it is being drawn, prophetically, by its narrative destiny towards the undying sun of souls, the living dead, to be spilled upon the earth to lead a human life. 

In chapter 2, "Adam On The Eve Before The Fall", Traveling Light awakens in darkness, far removed from the light of his origin, burrowed deep within the mine of the mind. 

Placed in the garden of the psyche, in human form as Adaman the 1st psychonaut to name his perceptions, a premonition apprehends him. 

A luminous vision of his celestial origins reflects before him, setting star-seeds in bloom. 

The forbidden fruit: the flowering mind. 

But the vision is too bright, blinding him. The shadows collapse in on him, his mind invaded and his garden raided.


In chapters 3 & 4, "The Fall" and "Earthbound Ships", the last morsel of the forbidden fruit is ingested, and visions arise: Venus and Saturn align, the undying sun eclipses, intergalactic spores arrive: earthbound ships. The wind sings through the vibrating strings of the garden's harped gates and lifts Adam out of his body, out of the garden of the psyche, into the astral realms of his luminous origins. 

Dazed by dazzling sights, he neglects to document a single monument along the way.
The bottom right of the illustration reads:
he got away 
with a single serving 
of the secret stash 
a currency more current than cash 
more potent than hash 
here in an instant 
gone in a flash 

In Chapter 6, Concentrated Doses of Psychosis (Administered Through Mitosis Hypnosis), Adaman returns from his sojourn in space and finds the garden of the psyche has been transmuted in his absence into a metropolis of intellect. He's lightyears ahead without a clue of how he got there, because he neglected his purpose of mapping the way. With no more magic flowers left, he loses his mind.

Where are the flowers that compressed 
eons into hours I've repressed? 
In my isolated tower where I rest 
they gave us magic powers as a test 
And am I truly blessed? 

All the cards I'd been dealt 
I thought I had them under my belt 
but the view that I held, 
helled the heavens above, 
corresponded to lies 
that outlive what they love 
In chapter 7, FacesAdam faces the natural world, where the rocks, the plants, the river--his surroundings--speak to him of a reality underlying all change, of the races and species that preceded him, extinguished by the fatal sweeps of time, though their sensations persist, taking on new forms. 
What of all the sensations we became?
We'll recollect them by someone else's name
You may suspect them to be one and the same.

Struggling with the weight of the entirety he realizes what he must do: 

to synthesize the flowering mind!
In the 8th and final chapter, "Heavenly Cacophany", the hero becomes "galactivated" as he fully remembers and realizes his celestial destiny, in effect bringing heaven down to earth.

Now's the time to serve your purpose presently 
through rapid shifting circuitry 
that, branching off ecstatically, 
form infinite diamond tapestries 
this heavenly cacophany 
of manic-all-epiphany 

Come down it's time to serve 
Come down it's time to serve 
Come down it's time to serve 
...your life sentence on earth

The "life sentence" refers to his DNA's one-liner that chains him to his physical form, like living, fleshbound scripture written in blood. 
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